Announcing WordPress Plug-In for Payment Acceptance

December 23, 2015

Clearent, one of the fastest-growing payment processing companies in the U.S., today announced the release of its WordPress plug-in for website developers. Clearent’s development team has been working closely with web developers to build an easy to use plug-in that enables them to securely integrate payment buttons directly into their WordPress websites. With its fully customizable design and simple set up, this plug-in is one of the most user-friendly payment buttons available on the market.

Traditionally, website developers have had to work with outdated code, complicated integration steps, and unattractive payment forms. With Clearent’s full suite of payment solutions, web developers can now install individual “pay now” buttons directly on their websites, maintaining the existing style and design. With the addition of the WordPress plug-in, Clearent’s full suite of eCommerce payment solutions includes its very own Hosted “Pay Now” Buttons, as well as integrations through OpenCart, Magento, ZenCart and other existing eCommerce platforms. Working alongside web developers, Clearent continues to add additional features to help alleviate the common headaches associated with integrating payments into eCommerce websites.

Another unique aspect of Clearent’s web developer offering is its incentive program. The program rewards users for referring merchants to Clearent, with recurring commission based on the merchant’s annual transaction volume. This commission program is unique in its industry and allows web developers to look at payments as another source of revenue. By providing developers with a share of the processing revenue, Clearent has essentially brought developers on board as partners, which is a strategy that has served Clearent very well in the past. As a company founded on building and nurturing its sales partners, this is the next logical step in the push to add digital payments to their already well-established payments platform.

Clearent’s WordPress plug-in is available today at



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