Beware of over seas Lead Generation

Vetting Lead Generation companies over seas

I want to inform all LinkedIn and other Merchant Services Industry Professionals who may be thinking of using Lead Generation outfits outside of the USA. Beware!

I against my better known judgment tried using an outfit calling themselves "Delta Communications Group" in the Philippines. Terry Lee who I communicated with for years before deciding to use their services finally gave in to persistence of calls, emails etc. Once I submitted the funds which were not a lot of money I waited a few days and nothing. When I received a response from "Terry Lee" she said now you can wait since you made me wait all of those years. I was floored and knew then I made a big mistake. I immediately called Western Union to try and retrieve funds. They could do little to help.

The reason I am taking the time to write this article is because I do not want 1 more person to be taken advantage of like I was. There were many signs which I did not heed too. I am going to give you a list of warning signs like a check off list and know matter where the Lead Generation outfit is coming from run like hell from them if they don't have the following:

Email address was not from "Delta Communications Group" but privately held.

  • Phone number only worked certain times and other times it was disconnected. Another warning is all departments shared the same main number without extensions. They'd put me on hold and someone else would then answer.

  • Never money transfer through Money Gram or Western Union. If they are legit have them use a direct bank to bank transfer or Pay Pal. Pay Pal will refund your money if the Lead Generators don't make good on their word.

  • References.....Funny enough I had one reference they gave me in N.Y. which checked out so make sure you have at least 3-4 good references.

  • Professionalism.....Terry Lee was professional most of time but if you hint any unprofessional speech run, run, run. She became pushy and her language became less than polite and professional.

So in closing I clearly went against my better judgment and gave a crook a chance which turned out to be a "I told ya so" moment from me to me. :)

My suggestion would be if at all possible only work with U.S. Based companies and if over seas vet, vet,vet the referral. Make sure they are solid.

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